Neds Island is no longer shipping oysters for delivery.June 18, 2014

Ned's Island is no longer shipping oysters for delivery. Thank you to our past customers, your business and support were greatly appreciated.

We are producing seed oysters in limited quantities. For more information contact

T Shirts now available for saleDecember 4, 2012

We are now offering Ned's Island Oysters T-shirts for sale. Get one for yourself or as a gift for your favorite oyster lover.                                         

Rebuilding After SandyDecember 3, 2012

Though Sandy was the cause of tremendous destruction up and down the East coast, we count ourselves lucky that our small oyster company sustained relatively little damage.

Once the storm surge receded and we were able to take inventory we found our docks and work boats intact, and our oysters where they were supposed to be. Much of our equipment was left unharmed or was easily salvaged. Our hatchery, however, did not fare so well.

We used to have a very large garage door. Sandy was clearly not impressed.

With the door gone, there was nothing in the way of the surging waters, and our entire nursery was tossed around into one giant heap in the middle of the room. Two of those light blue tanks you see–which are 12 x 6 feet and used to acclimate young oysters to the natural waters of the cove–are gone. Large pieces of decking were lifted and tossed as well.

It seemed Sandy felt bad about crashing our party and decided to leave us some consolation prizes in the form of a sunfish sailboat, half a bowling ball, an old metal army helmet, and a rather large–and curiously unscathed–squash.

This picture represents the progress we've made so far. Rather than put things back the way they were we've decided to improve upon them. The decking is gone; save for that one small piece. It's been replaced by the giant concrete slab to the left that you see now, which will serve as a solid working area. In place of the garage door will be a concrete wall, above which we're installing clear plastic greenhouse siding to help increase light and aid algae production.

We certainly weren't expecting to redesign our hatchery in this way, but we're thankful that we still have something to work with and can continue to provide our customers with the best oysters money can buy.

We'll post more updates as we continue to put things back together.

Thanksgiving OrdersNovember 16, 2012

Sandy hit us hard, but we're back just in time for Thanksgiving.

To ensure that your oysters arrive before the holiday, they must be shipped on Monday November 19th.  So place your order today and impress your family at this year's feast!

Hurricane Sandy UpdateOctober 30, 2012

As you know by now, Hurricane Sandy has wrought untold destruction along the East Coast over the past few days.  Due to the damage on our coastline, we are required to temporarily suspend harvest operations.  We do not expect this suspension to last very long, and we will issue updates on our website, Facebook, and Twitter when we are open again.

To those who have been affected by the storm, we wish you the very best during this tough time.

We will be at the Rowayton Farmers Market this FridayOctober 4, 2012

If you're around Rowayton this Friday stop by the farmer's market at Pinkney Park between noon and 5pm. We'll be selling oysters and there's plenty of other great stuff!!

Harvesting has resumedSeptember 20, 2012

Dearest Oyster Lovers,

We haven't forgotten about you. We're sorry, but what we expected was going to be a short delay due to rainfall was extended by the state due to concerns regarding unusually high water temperatures during this hot summer.

Our premium Blue Point oysters will start shipping again next week. Place your order today.

Peace, Love, and Oysters.

-Ned's Island

Oyster Harvesting SuspendedJuly 16, 2012

Due to 3″ of rain received in 24 hours the state Bureau of Aquaculture has temporarily suspended oyster harvesting. We have some oysters that were harvested before the heavy rainfall, but we won't be able to harvest again until the state re-opens our beds.

Summer oystersJuly 12, 2012

It's no secret that a classic rule for oyster lovers states that one should only eat oysters during the months that contain the letter "r".  This belief took hold long ago, when it was believed that oysters were much more prone to spoiling in May, June, July, and August, and has existed ever since.  Personally, we think that eliminating oysters from your life any time of year is a terrible idea, and with Ned's, that "rule" just doesn't apply.

Our harvest grounds are very close to shore, which means that we can hop on our boat, pull up your oysters, and have them in our refrigerator in about 30 minutes or less.  That type of speed is essentially unheard of, and you can verify how fast yours made it to the fridge by checking the front of your invoice.  Once in the refrigerator, your oysters are cooled down to below 40 degrees in a very short period of time and they stay that cold until the moment you open your box, making them the safest oysters you can buy any time of year.

So if you've lived by a dated rule up until now, don't ruin the rest of your summer.  Order from Ned's today, and know that you've got nothing to worry about, and a whole lot to enjoy.

Happy 4th of JulyJuly 4, 2012

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