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Ned's Island is a small uninhabited island off the Connecticut shores of Long Island Sound. As the legend goes, its last inhabitant was a Native American known locally only as 'Ned'. He made his home on the island, attracted by its solitude and tranquility--and abundant supply of delicious oysters.

The surrounding clean, high salinity waters have made this area renowned for oyster harvesting for hundreds of years. It is the home of the esteemed 'Blue Point Oyster' unique to Long Island Sound. The absence of any nearby rivers or streams and continuously flushed cool seawater ensures a consistent high salinity environment resulting in superb quality oysters with a delicious taste.

Our oysters are farmed rather than simply harvested from the ocean. This means that we select the fastest growing most disease-resistant oysters from our abundant stocks and use them to begin the next generation of oysters. While wild oysters typically spawn in early July, we can simulate the proper water temperature in our hatchery and induce our oysters to spawn several times, thereby greatly increasing the number of oysters we produce.

Oyster farming is a sustainable activity that actually improves the marine environment rather than flooding it with pollutants, as some other types of aquaculture do. All harvesting is carried out under strict State of Connecticut Bureau of Aquaculture regulations from State certified waters to ensure a consistently safe, high quality product.

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